Come Close to Christ (Part 2)

  1. What are some ways earthly success can compromise one’s focus on the mission of God? 
  2. What was the temptation Jesus had in the story today? 
  3. What is the mission of God?
  4. Jesus displays that there is no earthly connection that can guarantee one’s relationship with God. What are ways this can be confused today? 
  5. Did Mary fully understand who Jesus was? Are there other areas in scripture that support your position?
  6. As a member of the family of God we should take our roles in the church seriously, intentionally, and joyfully. What are some ways this can be lived out practically in the FBC Mt. Pleasant church family? 
  7. The cost of following Jesus is high; what joy it should bring knowing that he paid the greatest price of all on our behalf. Once we understand this, what should our natural reaction be? 

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