Come Close to Christ (Part 3)

  1. Who was the sower in the first parable? 
  2. What was being sown? 
  3. According to the explanation given in vv.14-20, what were the three types of soil and who do they represent?
  4. The scribes and Pharisees didn’t believe anything significant could come from this small group of misfits, but the impact would be felt to the ends of the earthly. How do the parables of the lamp under a basket and the mustard seed help clarify the magnitude of the Kingdom of God.  
  5. In light of question 4, what then can we learn about the exponential impact of faithfulness to sowing the seed of God’s word?
  6. Verses eleven and twelve show the danger of someone hardening one’s heart to the gospel. Here we see Jesus speaking in parables as a way to show judgement and mercy to those who rejected him. Discuss how and why both are true. 
  7. What word is used repeatedly in these parables? Why is hearing so important to the follower of Christ? 
  8. What are three identifying characteristics of following Christ? 
    1. (1) Sow the seed of God’s word, (2) Submit to God’s sovereignty, and (3) Celebrate the harvest.

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