The Extraordinary from the Ordinary

  1. Due to their familiarity with Jesus, the people of Nazareth had a hard time believing who he was. What reasons did they list as obstacles to their belief? 
  2. By referencing Jesus as “the son of Mary” the crowd was showing the depth of their unbelief. What did this reference call into question?
  3. The ordinariness of Jesus was not enough for the people of Nazareth, they expected more from a savior. How has your familiarity with the ordinary means of grace (preaching, praying, and sacrament) caused you to look for more?  Are you content or growing in contempt with the simplicity of the things of God? 
  4. Up to this point how had Jesus experienced the rejection he spoke of in verse 4?
  5. The people’s contempt led to unbelief which led to an absence of the work of God. Could this be true in the Western Church today? What are some ways we could be in danger of this ourselves? 
  6. Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs to protect their witness. Do we still need this type of protection today? If left to ourselves we can believe anything, but when there are others to hold us accountable the truth can be protected. Do you have people in your life who keep the truth of God’s word in front of you… even when it is hard? 
  7. The disciples were sent out to proclaim the message of God, in the authority of Christ, by the ordinary means that he prescribed. Are we faithful to do the same? Are we content with the promise that ordinary preaching, ordinary prayers, and ordinary bread and wine will accomplish extraordinary things?

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