Jesus is Greater

  1. Why did Jesus share the bread of life discourse with the crowd? 
    1. To declare that he was the source of eternal life. 
  2. What was the crowds main concern?
  3. How did Jesus turn their question to address the greater issue? 
  4. What frustrated the crowd about Jesus’s call to believe in John 6:29?
    1. They were focused on their ability to do religious works. They desired a task they could accomplish rather than the work Christ came to accomplish. 
  5. What are some passages of scripture that speak to the works of man not being enough. 
    1. Rm. 3:21-25, Gal. 2:16
  6. Talk through how John uses the words “believe” and “obey” as synonyms in John 3:36?
  7. Talk through the details of John 6:35. Discuss how Jesus’s sufficiency and our satisfaction are revealed in his claim. 
  8. Discuss what it means to “come into” in Christ. 

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