Marriage is Serious

  1. Why did the Pharisees come to see Jesus? 
  2. How was their behavior similar to Jesus’ interaction with Satan in the wilderness? 
  3. How do we see the word of God being “tested” today? 
  4. How did Jesus answer the Pharisees? 
  5. What can we learn from Jesus’ response to his objectors?
  6. Jesus does not answer the Pharisee’s question directly but he points them to the importance of biblical marriage. Why is this important? 
  7. What are the key components that Jesus points out about marriage in vv.6-9? 
  8. Can marriage exist between any couple other than a male and female?
  9. Does the “oneness” mentioned in verse 8 exist in any other creatures union? What is significant about this? 
  10. What does the word covenant mean? How is a covenant different from a contract? 
  11. If God is the originator of a marriage union how does it make sense that we could break it? 
  12. How is Christ the perfect companion, what does marriage display, and discuss why it is so important? 

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