Secure in Suffering

  1. What seems to be David’s greatest concern in this Psalm?
    1. God seems to be far from him (vv.1,11, &19).
  2. How does David temper his despair? 
    1. He remembers the faithfulness of God (vv.3-5 & 9-10).
  3. What is the turning point of this Psalm? 
  4. What does David say he will do once God has rescued him? 
  5. Who are the three groups who will hear of God’s goodness? 
    1. V.22 – “Brothers.” 
    2. V. 27 – “The ends of the earth.”
    3. V.31 – The “unborn.” 
  6. How can you see this Psalm is really about Jesus? 
  7. In what New Testament verses do you see similarities? 
  8. In what ways does this Psalm help you remain secure in times of suffering? 
  9. As a “peculiar person” what are we encouraged to do in our suffering?
    1. Remember God’s faithfulness (vv..3-5)
    2. Delight in God’s presence (vv.19-21)
    3. Proclaim God’s goodness (vv.22-31)

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