The Authority of Christ Part 1

  1. Why does Jesus point out the fig tree? 
    1. Where else in scripture do you see the fig tree referenced? 
  2. What is the significance of Israel’s fruitlessness? 
  3. Compare and contrast Israel’s fruitlessness with the promises in John 15.
  4. What is the significance of Jesus clearing the temple? 
    1. What monumental shift in approaching God was he displaying? (Answer – God would only be accessed through faith in Christ, not through temple worship.)
  5. What was Jesus’ response to Peter when he pointed out the withered fig tree? 
    1. Look back at v. 14.
    2. Can you think of other times in the past the disciples struggled to trust what Jesus said? 
  6. Do the last few verses in this section mean we should get whatever we ask if we have enough faith? 
    1. What role does faith have in prayer? 
    2. What role does forgiveness have in prayer? 
      1. See Mat. 6:14-15
  7. Jesus’ actions in the temple showed his authority over earthly powers, but how does he encourage his disciples to respond in this section on prayer? 
    1. Should they try to argue? 
    2. Should they try to fight?
    3. Should they try to display their power and authority?
    4. Should they pray with faith-filled hearts believing that God will act justly?
      1. How would this response influence our ability to forgive? 
  8. Discuss how Jesus’ willingness to face God’s judgment, to endure His wrath, and to bear our sin has made way for you to be forgiven, to forgive others, and to live a fruitful life in every situation. 

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